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BlackHole by NASA

Artist’s impression of a black hole

Product: The Stretcher

Family Member: Black Hole

Product Code: Str-BH

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The Stretcher Black Hole is one of three types of black holes currently available from Intergalactic online.  A black hole is a compact and very dense object in space with a super strong gravitational pull. It is so strong that not even light can escape it. They are commonly formed after the death of a giant star.

Status – Proven & Real

The Hubble telescope photo of gas being sucked into a black hole. Public domain.
The Hubble telescope photo of gas being sucked into a black hole

 Black holes are real and exist in our very own Milky Way galaxy.  Although we haven’t actually seen a black hole (because they suck in any light nearby), we do know they exist. What we can see, with big telescopes and satellites, is what they do to the surrounding gases and stars. For example, scientists can observe gases that appear to be vanishing inside a black hole (see photo on left).

pink alien 1

Physical Properties – Mass & Size

Our black holes are categorised into 4 groups based on size and mass (mass is the amount of matter, or ‘stuff’ that is inside an object)

Name / Mass / Size

  • Micro black hole / Up to Mmoon / 0.1mm
  • Stellar black hole / About 10 Mmoon / Up to 30km
  • Intermediate mass black hole / About 1,000 MSun / 10km to REarth
  • Supermassive black hole / 100,00
    0 to 1010 / MSun 0.001-400 AU


  • Mmoon Moon mass the mass of our Moon (7.3477 x 1022 kg). (That’s really heavy for something only 0.1mm big!)
  • MSun  Solar mass is mass of our Sun which weighs an amazing nonillion kilograms (1.98855 x 1030 kg)
  • REarth  Earth radius is the distance from Earth’s centre to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 miles).
  • AU Astronomical Unit roughly the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Its exact number is 149,597,870.7 km

To understand just how heavy a black hole is, imagine if you had a black hole the size of an atom (atoms are so small you can’t even see them with the help of a microscope). But you couldn’t hold it, because it would weigh as much as a giant mountain.

Technical specification

Stretcher action shotWe can’t directly see a black hole because gravity pulls all light into it, which means we can’t see what’s happening inside of one. So to understand what the Stretcher black hole black hole looks like we need to use our imagination and the language of mathematics. This is what scientists call a thought experiment.

Imagine a small group of aliens travelling in outer space. If they happen to get close enough to a black hole, the forces of gravity will start to pull them towards it. The mathematics used to explain this stems back to the famous physicist Albert Einstein who published a paper on general relativity in 1915. Using this mathematics, scientists can explain what happens next.

Gravity continues to pull the aliens into the black hole.  Eventually they will pass what’s called the event horizon (This is the point of no return. Gravity is so strong that nothing will be able to pull you back out).

The aliens will now get pulled so much, that they will begin to s – t – r – e – t – c – h out like a long piece of spaghetti until they pop! The popped pieces will continue to get pulled into the heart of the black hole and eventually get crushed into a very teeny, weeny mass.

But don’t worry about our little alien friends. They have not been hurt because we only imagined it. Aliens are smart enough to avoid black holes.
To see what the Stretcher black hole looks like inside, be grab your very own by clicking the ‘Grab it now’ button below.

Introducing the Black hole stretcher

Photo blackhole stretcher to make

Grab it now!


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