WE'VE MOVEDYou are only limited by your imagination

Greetings and welcome! My name is Martina and I am the founder and CEO of Cosmic Caboodle. (I always wanted to be a CEO 🙂 )

About Cosmic Caboodle

I’m on a mission to bring the wonders of the universe to the convenience of your home or class room.

So if you’re after a planet, star, black hole, or anything else you can think of that exists in deep, dark outer space, then rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

We are the first (and currently only) Earth based supplier of intergalactic products and what makes us even more special, is that we provide all of this for free.  

All our products come with a full specification data sheet, to satisfy the most inquisitive of minds. If you like the look of the product, it’s simply a matter of clicking the ‘Grab it now’ button to receive your product of choice. Cyber-Space Incorporated is our preferred deliverer of all our products as they deliver within a nonillionth* of a second directly to your computer.

I can imagine what you’re thinking. How does she do all this? It must take a lot of work to source all the products. And the honest answer is ‘Yes, it does.’ But early on, I decided to bring on three very special business partners to help me with setting up and running the business. I would like to introduce you to Warp (Head of Research), Quarkle (Head of our warehouse) and Fang (head of Operations). Being of alien origin and well-travelled in outer space, they make perfect business partners.


WARP Head of Research

QUARKLE Warehouse Manager

FANG Operations Manager






We love the work we do here at Cosmic Caboodle and live by the following motto

You are only limited by your imagination

So why not join us in our adventures and explore the wonders of outer space now.

*A nonillion is a very big number – 10³°.  To be precise, it’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. And it just so happens that about 1.98 nonillion kilograms is the approximate mass of our Sun.

A note to parents and educators

I’m an engineer by day and book author and illustrator by night. As a child I was fascinated by science and particularly the planets. I enjoyed making various outer space objects using simple household items. Being a visual person, this process of creation brought the universe to life and I would spend many hours researching, creating and playing with my mini projects. It was this upbringing that landed me becoming an engineer, where I could apply science in a creative way to solve practical problems.

All the ‘products’ are free and come with a full data specification sheet, aimed at providing some key scientific facts, but also any quirky or unusual things you mightn’t know too. The making activities range in ideal age from 5 to 12 years of age and a ‘cheeky alien’ factor is given to each project (1 for easy, 2 for middle and 3 for hardest, which usually requires more time, rather than skill). All projects can be made from paper and ordinary household items.

I wish to share the joy of learning with other like minded young people. My vision is to

To inspire young minds of the amazing aspects of science through the fun of aliens and to spark their imagination to find out more about our planet and the universe

Feel free to use any of my projects for educating purposes and drop me a line if you have any ideas for improvements or additions to the current content. Oh, and if you want to be notified when I release new products, sign up below.

Sign me up NOW


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