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How many stars are there in the universe

Answer: A bazillion

The truth is, no one really knows. Words like bazillion are not real numbers; they just sound cool, like gazillion and bajillion. We use them to describe a really large number.

But some scientists on earth have put on their thinking caps and have tried to guess how many are out there. Check out Google and you will find anything from 70 sextillion (a sextillion is a real number – 1 with 21 zeros after it), to 100 octillion (an octillion is a 1 with 27 zeros after it). The best scientists can do is estimate using a calculation like, guessing how many stars are in our own galaxy, the Milky Way and then multiplying that number by how many other galaxies are possibly out there.

Below is a famous photo taken by the Hubble telescope. Each bright light is a galaxy with a katrillion stars (that’s another made up word) in it.

How many stars do you think are out there?


Quarkle is Cosmic Caboodle’s warehouse manager. Apart from his great organisation skills which he puts to good use within the warehouse, he’s also known for his amazing knowledge of the universe. At Moon Uni he completed his bachelor degree in Cool facts about the universe.

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